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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Really Long Dancing Re-cap

I took notes as the show went along this week, so it ended up really long.

This week, the rules have changed. Everyone participated in two couple dances and one solo dance. They dancers also had new partners this week. Cat Deeley managed to have a dress that fit her properly, but came out at the beginning of the show looking like she needed to brush her hair. (Perhaps a pre-show backstage rumble with Dmitry?)

The judges this week over all were boring and pointless. The pair of hip-hop choreographers had nothing to say. Nearly every time they just echoed what the previous judge said and literally said “I agree with what Nigel said” at least five times. What a waste of my time. I stopped listening.

Martha and Ivan: They did hip-hop and a smooth waltz. I did not like the hip-hop routine at all: the music, the outfits, choreography, were all blah. Ivan did a good job. Martha is kind of boring to me. Their waltz was okay. Martha seemed a bit stiff, although I really liked her flowing white dress.

Travis and Heidi: First up the did the Paso Doble, which is a great dance style where the man is supposed to be a matador and the female is like his cape. They did a great job. Heidi was excellent. Their second dance was contemporary. It was an interesting routine. Heidi did great, although she cried in her interview that she was having trouble getting the choreography.

Ryan and Allison: They did contemporary, which is a good style for both of them. I like them as a couple, but I thought the choreography was a bit strange. The voters don’t generally vote for strange routines, so that makes me a little nervous for Allison. Next up they did a broadway routine, which I really enjoyed. I thought it was very cute and playful. The judges did not like it, though.

Donyelle and Dmitry: I was a little worried to see my girl Donyelle matched with Dmitry, because all of his previous partners have gotten kicked off. They did the Lindy Hop, which was a very up-beat, high energy routine. I thought it was great. Donyelle was fabulous as always. Their second dance was the Samba and it was great. It was my favorite couple routine of the night. They actually work very well together as a couple. Of course Dmitry had his shirt open again.

Benji and Natalie: They did a jazz routine. I did not like the routine, although I thought they both did well. Natalie had a lot of great twirls. I think they were both better with their previous partners. Their second routine was hip-hop. I liked the routine a lot, but Benji was not working it for me (think: swing dancer does hip-hop). Natalie was good, though.

Donyelle: She did great. She had some excellent booty-shaking in addition to all the good dance moves.

Dmitry: I was shocked when he began his dance with his shirt (gasp!) buttoned! He ruined it by ripping his shirt open at the end. Can we just have him dance with his shirt closed once!?

Martha: This looked exactly like a previous solo that she did. Not impressed. I am guessing she will be going home.

Ivan: He spent most of his dance sliding around the stage on those shoes that convert to roller-skates. Really silly and annoying. He did not showcase any of his skills at all. Maybe he is getting over-confident that the teenage girls will call and vote for him no matter what he does?

Heidi: I like her more each week. Previously she annoyed me a lot when she spoke to the judges, but in her interviews she is rather likeable now. She did a great dance, lots of hip shaking and great footwork.

Travis: He did pretty well. He is not spectacular to me, though, and I think he repeated some of his previous solo material.

Natalie: She spent the first 5 seconds of the 30 second routine sitting. Very strange. Then she danced around and I was bored. The judges said she was “passionate” and “emotional.” Maybe I am cold-hearted and just didn’t “feel it”? I noticed that she has a brace on one of her legs this week. I wonder what kind of injury she has?

Benji: This was his first solo ever on the show (he was never previously in danger of being voted off) and he did a great job. It was probably the most entertaining solo of the night.

Allison: She did very well. She makes everything look easy. I like her hair better curly though.

Ryan: He did a great job.

My predictions for departure: Martha and Travis


  • I had never watched the show this year until last night. I too really like Donyelle

    By Blogger Kiki, at 8:44 AM  

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